Monday, January 4, 2010

New Colorado Marijuana Dispensary Site

If you live in the state of Colorado and you have you medical marijuana card, you are probably wondering where a good place to buy medical marijuana is near you.  You could pick up a recent copy of the Westword magazine but that is not going to give you a good idea of the closest Marijuana dispensary nor will it give you a map or reviews of that dispensary. 

What you will want to do is find an online directory that lists all of the Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in your area.  We have found that site for the state of Colorado!  It is a clean site called MarijuanaCo and can be found here: Denver Marijuana Dispensaries.  This site has a directory for local smoke shops, local marijuana dispensaries, local marijuana doctors as well as a discussion board for topics relating to Colorado marijuana.

This is our Cannabis Dispensary site of the week!

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